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We believe that education should be accessible to all who seek it.

Higher and continued education is known for costing an arm and leg, putting students into debt for the foreseeable future.

Ready Hire is proud to offer generous scholarships with all of our certifications. To date, Ready Hire has provided nearly $1 million worth of scholarships to students looking to change their careers, their incomes, and their lives.

Our scholarships are generous but not unlimited. Apply today to reserve your spot.

Qualified students are awarded a full scholarship, assigned career coaches, and mentored throughout their entire journey to success.

Sales Development

Learn all there is to know about Sales Development!

  • Prospecting & Cold Calling
  • Managing Objections
  • Effective & Active Listening


After completing the coursework we also provide hands-on training with experts in the field.

Customer Service

Become a world-class Customer Service representative!

  • The Pillars of Great Service
  • Effective Communication and Listening
  • Ticketing and Live Chat


After completing the coursework we also provide hands-on training with experts in the field.

Marielys Rosado

Meet Marielys! She is the Director of Curriculum and Head Trainer here at Ready Hire.

Marielys is a hands-on teacher who makes sure all her students are engaged, learning, and feeling confident in the material. She and her team of expert lecturers, work hard to bring the most up-to-date, industry-leading information to our classes.

Our career coaches and advisors are always on hand to make sure Ready Hire students and graduates are getting the most out of the program.

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