Sales Development Certification

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What is Sales Development?

Sales development is an organization that sits between the marketing and sales functions of a business and is in charge of the front-end of the sales cycle:

Identifying, connecting with, and qualifying leads.

448,000 SDR job postings on popular job boards.

General Curriculum


Graduates learn the
SDR technology needed
to excel in the role

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Meet Marielys

She is the Director of Curriculum and Head Trainer here at Ready Hire.

Marielys is a hands-on teacher who makes sure all her students are engaged, learning, and feeling confident in the material. She and her team of expert lecturers, work hard to bring the most up-to-date, industry-leading information to our classes.

Our career coaches and advisors are always on hand to make sure Ready Hire students and graduates are getting the most out of the program.