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Traditional hiring is hard: candidates are hard to find,
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Unlike the previous process of businesses posting a job on a public job platform and wading through large quantities of unqualified or untrustworthy applicant profiles, Ready Hire offers a curated collection of hand-picked, internally trained candidates that are ready to enter the job market.

The brand promise of Ready Hire is for businesses to be able to hire based on one interview.

At Ready Hire, all we want is the chance to do right and find mutual success for students and companies.

We wholeheartedly believe in giving everyone a shot at more opportunity.

Our first roles are Sales Development, which has 448k job posts on job boards every month, and Customer Service, which has 1.5m posts on job boards each month.

That’s why our first two certifications are for Sales Development and Customer Service.

In the near future, and on an ongoing basis, we will be adding more competencies and career paths to Ready Hire community and platform.

Due to the extreme demand for jobs (there are 11.5m open roles in the US alone) we’re getting lots of requests to include additional programs and career paths, We promise you. We are working on it.

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Ready Hire SDRs do know what an SDR is and they are hungry to make an impact on your team.


Ready Hire’s CS graduates are highly trained and qualified to join your customer service team and hit the ground running.

Some of the top talent in the world come from
Ready Hire.

But don’t take our word for it.

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