Hiring based on a Trial Run VS a Resume

Résumés and interviews can never give you the full picture on a candidate. What if there was a better way? Could "Trial Runs" be the future of recruiting?


When it comes to recruiting, many businesses rely solely on résumés and interviews to make their hiring decisions. While both résumés and interviews can be useful tools for assessing a candidate’s qualifications and experience, neither give a completely accurate picture of how a person will actually perform in the job.

So what are your options as a hiring company…ask them to complete a one-off task, have several more rounds of interviews, or invite them to shadow a current employee? These are all commonly used tactics in recruiting and hiring. Sometimes they work! Other times they put the candidate in an impossible situation and the hiring company in a difficult position.

But what if you could hire based on a trial run rather than any of the above?

What is a “Trial Run”?

A trial run is essentially a try out- like you’d have in school for the basketball team. This creates an environment where a potential employee can demonstrate their skills and abilities in real-world situations. This gives employers a better sense of how the candidate will perform in the job, as they can observe their work ethic, problem-solving skills, communication skills, and other qualities that may not be evident on a résumé. Let’s face it there is often a lot, especially in entry-level positions, that is not evident on résumés. Many candidates at that point in their careers are not comfortable or do not know how to professionally brag about themselves on their résumé.

What makes “Trial Runs” so Valuable?

It is often difficult for hiring companies to know if a candidate will be a good culture fit through just a résumé and an interview. Seeing a candidate in a trial run setting allows the employer to get a better sense of the candidate’s cultural fit. Since employees who fit in with the culture of the company tend to be more successful and productive, knowing this is a vital piece to hiring the right candidate.

Trial runs can also be useful in assessing a candidate’s potential for career growth. Getting to know the candidate will allow the employer to understand their interests and aspirations. Knowing these things paired with observing the candidate’s performance can help employers make an informed decision about whether they have the potential to grow and develop in the role and organization.

How do we make “Trial Runs” happen?

All of the above sounds wonderful until you consider the time commitment you’d be asking for on an unpaid basis from a candidate, right? That’s why at Ready Hire, we have something different in mind.

Ready Hire in and of itself is a Trial Run.

Our programs put candidates through courses to learn the skills they need to excel in entry-level roles such as Sales Development Representative and Customer Service Representative. Throughout these courses, candidates are taught by industry experts and assessed by our instructors and partners. When they have completed the courses and assessments, they are added to the Ready Hire hiring platform. Here, as a hiring company, you will see:

  • An introduction video from the candidate themselves
  • Feedback on the candidate from our instructors
  • Final grades on all assessments
  • Live call recordings
  • Writing samples
  • All certifications earned while in Ready Hire
  • The candidate’s goals worksheet where you’ll learn about their aspirations
  • The candidate’s status as a top performer, new graduate, etc.
  • and more!


Overall, hiring based on a trial run can be a great way to make sure that the right candidate is chosen for the job. By giving potential employees the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities in a real-world setting, employers can make more informed decisions and ensure that they are hiring the right person for the job.

If you think hiring based on trial runs with Ready Hire is the solution your company has been looking for, book a meeting with our team today! You won’t regret it.


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